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Must-Visit Places Along the Oystercatcher Trail - Cassandra Dodd

Posted on Mon August 20, 2018.

Cassandra Dodd - Must-Visit Places Along the Oystercatcher Trail

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Safarious Blog - Sue Segar

Posted on Mon May 28, 2018.

South Africa is blessed with some of the world’s best multi-day hiking trails, some of them wilderness hikes, others well serviced with comfortable huts, and some with semi-luxury accommodation to ease the aches and pains of a hard day’s hiking. Sue Segar does the Oystercatcher Trail - one of the trails to do before you die.

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Oyster Catcher multi-day trail run 2016

Posted on Sat October 15, 2016.

You get the option of running the Oystercatcher Trail Run only once a year.
Join our Trail Run September 2017.

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The fish traps of Kanon

Posted on Tue August 9, 2016.

If you walk the Oystercatcher Trail with us, you’re going to walk past the stone fish traps at Kanon, near Vleesbaai (see arrow in the image above) - and the fish trap is considered the oldest technology still in working in Southern Africa today.

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Breyten Breytenbach: Vir Fred Orban en Kleinbos

Posted on Mon July 11, 2016.

Die digter Breyten Breytenbach het ‘n tere verbintenis met die Kleinbos/Boggomsbaai area.

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