Happy Hiker - Encountering whales

Posted on Mon May 13, 2019.

Become a Happy Hiker this season with a special offer of R5990 p.p (minimum 4 people) valid from 1 June till 31 August. Winter is a wonderful time to hike the Oystercatcher trail, not only does the cooler weather provide a shield from the heat of the sun but during this time is actually...

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Walking Festival: Oystercatcher Trail

Posted on Thu April 25, 2019.

Over the Easter weekend the Hi-Tec Garden Route Walking Festival took place and we were honoured to be a part of it.

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Plough Snails

Posted on Mon April 15, 2019.

At first glance this organism may not seem of too much importance but actually plays a major role in the sandy beach and surf zone ecosystem.

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Goose Barnacles

Posted on Fri March 15, 2019.

On one of our latest hikes we stumbled upon a fascinating sight. Washed ashore...

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Spider and Wasp

Posted on Mon February 11, 2019.

Cool nature on everyday business

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