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The Oystercatcher Trail is rated as one of the top hiking experiences in the world.

Why take the Oystercatcher Trail?

Meander and explore the peaceful sea shore. Hiking across unspoilt, spectacular golden beaches and along the wonderful green coast line of the Western Cape's Garden Route near Mossel Bay.

Our Achievements

The OYSTERCATCHER TRAIL is rated as one of the top hiking experiences in the world by the BBC in their book “Unforgettable walks to take before you die”

GETAWAY magazine rated it as one of the top 5 Hiking Trails in South Africa.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC considers it as "One of the top 50 tours of a lifetime" in 2007 and 2008.

THE STAR TRAVEL considers it an "'Unforgettable experience not to be missed".

LONDON DAILY TELEGRAPH refers to it as “The Freshest Air that you can breathe”

BBC CHANNEL 4 and Discovery channel screened a documentary as part of a documentary series entitled South Africa Walks

PASELLA, SA TV Program did a quality feature of the hike.

Our Friendly Staff and Guides

Fred Orban Owner

Nature Conservationist

Willie Komani Chief Guide

Passionate environmentalist

Annemarie Accountant

Eugene and Chrizelda

A husband and wife team

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